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Why work with TREA?

Too often, tenants like to negotiate their renewal themselves because:

  • Landlords make them feel they'll take care of them

  • Tenants don't want to upset their relationship with the landlord

  • Tenants think they are good negotiators

  • Tenants think they can save money on the broker's commission

Unfortunately for the tenant, but very fortunately for the building owner, landlords view their existing tenants as a 'captive audience'.

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It’s exhausting to deal with multiple property owners and their brokers as well as brokers representing you in your various market locations, while trying to run your business. TREA will be the last “broker” that you will need to call. Once we are part of your team (but not on your payroll) and you educate us about your business and how you run your facilities we’ll be your single point of contact for real estate. TREA will take on the time-consuming legwork from identifying potential savings in your current lease, to locating the best property for your needs, to representing you throughout the negotiation process. We'll deal with them and leave you free to run your business.

Everyone has their area of expertise. You know your business and we know real estate. We can assist you in aligning your real estate with your business needs instead of your business plan being dictated by your real estate. We will keep track of critical dates, lease compliance, CAM audits, etc. In a sense, we'll help keep your auto mechanic out of the operating room.

When the landlord sits down at the negotiating table with his pit bull (aka listing broker), you need the same expertise on your side of the table. Some landlords claim they will give you a better deal without involving brokers at all. Beware of any landlord that encourages you to complete a transaction without getting a third-party, expert opinion of it. A tenant rep that exclusively represents tenants will ensure that indeed you do get the “great deal” the landlord is advertising. Our approach to every transaction ensures a competitive negotiating landscape that results in the best deal for our client, without alienating landlords.

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In most companies, occupancy costs are the 2nd most expensive item on their books, right after payroll. For this reason, attention to detail in every commercial real estate transaction is essential and can potentially save big dollars. At the same time, one small mistake can produce expensive consequences. We scrutinize every detail of every provision on your behalf to be sure you are not leaving money on the table, or exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

Not only do we always look at the big picture but we ask the tough questions, especially to our own clients. Questions like, “Do you need both facilities in that market or could one, strategically located facility service it?” or “Do those two departments need to be in the same building? It might be more cost effective to separate them.” There are hundreds of solutions to your unique real estate situation and we can help you expertly navigate the immediate decisions that also play into the best long-term strategy for your company.

There is a potential for conflict any time one broker (or even two brokers from the same firm) represent both the landlord and the tenant in the same deal. And yet that is what happens in most real estate transactions. There is no way one person can vigorously and without bias represent both sides at the same time. In that situation, the broker is compromised and becomes a messenger rather than your advocate. As the name of our company states, we only represent tenants, all day, every day. It’s what we love. It’s all we do.

“I have seen Gary and his team address some complicated tenant and property issues and have been impressed with their knowledge and ability. They have been extremely responsive, professional, and ethical. I can truly say that Gary is one of the best”

Robert J Feld, Cornish & Carey Commercial



Most brokers are only interested in the commission that is associated with your lease or purchase. At TREA, we are cut from a different cloth. While we are technically “brokers”, our clients think of us as advocates, or consultants. This is because we become valued team members that are involved in the entire life span of a transaction from the idea that a new facility might be needed to move-in day to the annual cam audits thereafter. We can be your entire real estate department, or support any in-house staff that you already have.
Some of our ongoing support services can include:

  • Maintaining web-based lease administration program for easy, secure and immediate access to critical data

  • Monitoring all lease provisions including critical dates and obligations

  • Completing an annual review of CAM charges

  • Monitoring of space expansion and contraction needs

  • Tracking real estate market trends and their effect on your leases

  • Ongoing representation with your landlord when issues arise

  • Forecasting occupancy costs for budgets

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